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Faith, family and fitness. Combined they create an extraordinary experience. A physical therapy and strength team that treats you like family and helps you reach your highest potential. Often a potential you didn’t even know existed!

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Performance Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focused on resolving pain while enhancing performance of sport and movements throughout life.

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Performance Training

Individual or small group strength training sessions programmed to optimize the human experience on the field, court or through every day life.

A Person in a Cupping Therapy

Body Care

Dry needling, cupping, and tool work focused on enhancing mobility and combatting muscle stiffness.


Hailey Fuechtmann DPT, SCS, CSCS

Sports Physical Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Hailey is a board-certified sports physical therapist who completed her specialty training with Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine. Prior to becoming a physical therapist herself, she had worked with 12 different physical therapists for various injuries. This personal experience brings a deep understanding of the recovery process that elevates her patient’s experience. As a former collegiate track athlete and current coach, Hailey understands the necessity of a hybrid approach that works to reduce injury while optimizing performance. Her background includes working with athletes of all ages, including those at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic level of sport. When Hailey isn’t in the clinic she can be found at the lake finding a wave to surf or attending local sporting events supporting her athletes at their first games back to play.

“Hailey is incredible at breaking movements down to specifically target my sport. Diving is a unique sport and not everyone understands it.”

- Mady S.

At Revival we are a TEAM no matter what side of the court we are on.

What others are saying

Quotation Mark

“Hailey was my PT after my ACL injury. I wanted to learn as much as possible in attempt to prevent this from happening again and Hailey was an endless source of insight and inspiration. Her high energy personality made me excited for my sessions and when the day was over I left knowing I got better each day. I went on to play 3 years of division 1 basketball after and of all the people I’ve worked with she has been the most impactful


Jacob J.

Quotation Mark

“Hailey, my first PT and friend I made through the medical field. She is the most caring and loving person I have met. She goes above and beyond the expectations I had for PT. She helped me through the hardest part of my life, blowing out my knee. When I would arrive she always had the brightest smile on her face and was willing to talk through anything. I am so grateful to have Hailey in my life. I truly believe that she helped me see an injury through a different perspective. I would recommend to anyone needing any sort of therapy because she will always help you find the answer.”


Talia M.

Quotation Mark

“Hailey helped my daughter before and after surgery. She gave incredibly insightful advice on how to prevent future injuries. But what makes Hailey truly stand out is her never ending positive attitude and her creativity to adapt to each individual situation. Her passion is in helping each of her patients achieve their dreams. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Hailey will be blessed.”


Sandy & Allison W.

Quotation Mark

“Hailey helped me not only overcome my injury but become faster and stronger at the same time. She helped me overcome goals and become the best athlete possible.”


Sophia S

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